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Take the Travel Ninja Explorer Challenge

The Explorer Challenge is a fun approach to exploring a new city or place when you travel.  The Explorer Challenge will jump-start your exploration and give you an enriching cultural experience and have you feeling like a local in no time.

The Explorer Challenge is collection of 52 tasks to inspire exploration.   Complete 20 of the tasks and earn your very own Travel Ninja Explorer badge to proudly display on your bag.   Complete all 52 and earn a bonus.


Here’s how it works!

1)   Register for the Explorer Challenge

2)   Check out the list of 52 Challenge Tasks and start planning which 20 you will try to accomplish during your trip. Remember there is a bonus for anyone who completes all 52!

3)   To help you keep track of your progress on the road, head over to this web page and you can download the Travel Ninja app (for Android and iPhone) or if you want an analog approach, there is Pocket Checklist to download as well.

4)   Once you have completed your 20 tasks (or all 52 if you are ambitious), you can submit your Challenge Requirements on the Travel Ninja app, or online on the Travel Ninja website.

5)   Once we receive your Challenge Requirements, we will ship out your Travel Ninja Explorer badge for you to proudly display on your bag, hat or shirt!


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