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Global Door Introductions

boxWant to be involved in positive change?  Though Global Door Introductions you can learn about the many ways others are doing good in the world and be part of it along the way.

Global Door Introductions is a subscription service that will bring to your front door (or mail box) a series of products that help others.   Each month you will receive a small box of GOODNESS!

Each box contains:

  • One product from an organization that is helping and supporting their community.
    These are not organizations that simply give back when you purchase.  We are seeking organizations that through the creation of their products, their employees and their methods are giving hope and help to others.  Want to see some examples of the organizations we include?  Click here.

  • An introduction to the organization the product supports and the people impacted by their work.
    We’ll share a short story about the people impacted and offer you a way to be more involved or to contribute more to the organization if you choose.


That’s all.  It is simply a way to introduce you to new ideas to help the world community through the products and services you already purchase.

Our hope is that through Global Door Introductions you will see more good in the world.  That together as a community, by making informed decisions about how we spend our money and how we choose to be involved in the world we can create positive change.

Register here to be notified when the subscription service is available.

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