Travel Ninja Events

Travel Ninja Events

Gathering together to share ideas and strategies can be inspiring and generate new motivation and energy.

Thru Travel Ninja events, workshops and retreats I strive to create a sense of sharing and safety, allowing participants to be real, be vulnerable, and inspire one another.

Nature is good for the soul.

— Join us on an outdoor adventure —

Nature therapy—or simply spending intentional quality time in natural settings—it turns out, not only soothes the soul, but makes our days much more enjoyable and peaceful as well.

Join us on a hike, camping trip or just strolling outdoors to enjoy the air and the sunshine.

Learn to step outside your comfort zone

— Join us at a workshop —

“I find is difficult to approach and connect with people!”
“I would like to feel more confident when I am out.”
“I am interested in venturing out on my own, but I am not sure how to start.”

Does this sound familiar?

Join us for a workshop where we empower you to step outside your comfort zone and take meaningful actions in order to connect with people while being your authentic self.