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Getting out!


I am getting a late start on my writing today. But I am here! πŸ™‚ Struggling like everyone to “stay on the horse”! I’ve got a number of new things brewing this month along with my mom coming to visit, which will make things some things more difficult (having a guest is always a bit of a distraction) but over all her presence gives me so much support and encouragement that I welcome the distractions that come along with all the goodness that is my mom.

This week my focus is on getting OUT there! Not going out IRL, as that is not safe at the moment. But putting myself out in the public eye. I have set a goal for myself to meet and interact with MORE people every day. I know this is good for business. As the more people who know what I am doing, the more likely it is that someone will find that they want or need my services. Simple as that. No big strategy, no agenda. Just reaching out to new people, reconnecting with old friends and colleagues in a genuine way. This is good for my soul. The isolation over the past few months has made it difficult to build momentum in a natural way.

What are some of the ways you are connecting now? Have you had it with Zoom meetings? Or do you look forward to opportunities to virtually connect?

If you are reading this and we’ve not met or talked in a while, please reach out! I would love to hear from you and catch up. If we’ve never met or talked, that’s okay, if you are interesting in just a brief chat – a chance to get to know one another, feel free to email me @ cindy.coan@explorationwarrior.comΒ or just schedule a 30-minute window here.


**There I am doing it! Putting myself OUT there to connect with the world! **

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