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Give a little goodness

Today I am thinking about how important it is to put good out into the world. This idea of putting good into the world is something I strive to do as often as I can.

Today I responded to a social media post asking for some mending help – and my Mom is here in my living room mending someone’s sweater. A young woman in my neighborhood was looking for help to darn a sweater that used to be her grandmother’s. I volunteered my Mom. And as I expected, Mom was happy to do it. She is doing it for a simple exchange. Mom is fixing the sweater and the young woman is going to buy us lunch at a local burger place.  My Mom said, “It is just good all around. We help her with her sweater, I get something to do, we get lunch and support the local business.” Yep, spot on Mom!!

I try to remember that it is about putting out what you want to get in return. Sometimes it is hard to give when you are struggling – and sometimes it is hard to remember when others are being shitty and making your life difficult.  But, the cool thing is that kindness and generosity are socially contagious.

According to a New York Times article, “…a single act of kindness can in fact ripple through a social network, setting off chains of generosity that reach far beyond the original act.” My hope for the world today is that we can all share goodness with those around us and that through our kindness we will breed more kindness and goodness. The world needs more of it!  Do something good today!


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