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Heading to the show tomorrow!


It has been an exhausting two weeks, but I am feeling good about the Los Angeles Ultimate Women’s Expo that starts tomorrow.   This is my first big marketing opportunity for Travel Ninja.  I am very excited about connecting with the women of LA and learning more about how I can help them get out and see the world on their own.

My biggest challenge for the show was trying to find something to put in my ten-by-ten booth that was interesting.  Travel Ninja is all about services, workshops, tours and events…so I don’t have products to fill my booth.   I decided on little dioramas – each one that matches the theme of the badge or workshop that is being offered.  And for the last four weeks I have been collecting little items to put in these magical little scenes that will depict each workshop.   After hours of rearranging and gluing tiny pieces to foam and boards, I’ve got them ready to show-off this weekend.  They are still very fragile and I am concerned about them making it to the convention center all in one piece.  If they make it, I hope they will generate curiosity and interest.

I’ve earned my “crafty-girl” badge in these last two weeks.  I’ve glued tiny little people to foam board, cut and glued yards of black felt to cardboard, assembled purple crepe paper flowers and tied ribbons and cut-out little tags and coupons.  I’ve completely ruined my nails.  Who knew that doing a women’s show would be so much work?

Tomorrow is the big day!  This weekend will be incredible – I might just make a big splash with this new venture…or I will have spent these days and hours leading up to the weekend just perfecting my hot glue gun skills.  Either way, I will come out having learned something from the experience.   Wish me luck!  And if you are in the LA area, come down to the show and say hi!

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