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Paris Explorer

For Solo Women Travelers - A Travel Ninja Tour

Paris is a mecca of food, literature, and art. Be immersed in the very best of the City of Light. We will explore the Eiffel Tower,the Champs-Élysées, the Paris Opera House, the Arc de Triomphe, and Notre Dame Cathedral. You can walk the streets of the 'village' of Montmartre, admire the exhibits at the Louvre museum and the Royal Estate of Versailles or simply sip a café au lait and “people watch” from a sidewalk cafe. 

Our home-base will be in the center of Paris, making it easy to explore the city’s most historic and famous sites.  We will begin our trip with an introduction and tour of the city’s Metro system – to make it easier to navigate the city from day one.  There is plenty of independent time on this tour, allowing you to decide how to spend your days. Ideas for excursions, interesting sites and places to eat will be provided prior to your departure. You can choose to plan out your days before your leave or decide as you go.  There will be one or more group events or meals each day, these moments are optional, you can choose to participate or skip them – whatever suits your needs for the day.  

  • Day One - Is our travel day with a Welcome event and time to rest.
  • Day Two - We will learn to navigate the city via public transportation and visit the city’s oldest neighborhood and explore a bit on your own in the afternoon.
  • Day Three – Will take us to visit some of the classic sites of Paris, La Tour Eiffel and the Jardins du Trocadéro. We will travel by boat this afternoon along the Seine where you will be able to hop-on and off the boat to explore the sites along the river. 
  • Day Four – We will expand our independence by venturing out more on our own – our expedition will take us exploring Montmartre, where you will be able to see the city from above and feel the riches of the art history of the city.   
  • Day Five – As we are further expanding our independence and confidence, on Day Five we will visit Versailles, just outside Paris.  With more time on your own you will be able to explore Versailles at your own pace. 
  • Day Six – A full day of exploring independently, this time venturing out to one of the nearby châteaus to capture a glimpse of life outside the city. 
  • Day Seven – Now that you’ve been in Paris for a few days, you can spend Day Seven exploring on your own – whether you have a set agenda for the day or if you want to just wander about, you choose.  This is your day to feel the freedom of simply being you and discovering what Paris would like to share with you. 
  • Day Eight – On our last day, we will reserve this time to pack up, pick up last-minute gifts and make our way back to the airport for our journey home. 

During your stay, you will have a chance to see the major tourist highlights, some secluded locations, meet with locals and experience life in the French countryside!  All this while learning tips and techniques to orientate yourself in a new place and ideas for exploring in a whole new way.  .


** Activities and destinations may change based on weather, availability or other unknown factors. 


Day 1

Date : November 12, 2023

Departure and Arrivals

After arriving at the Charles de Gaule Airport in Paris, we will start our trip on public transportation. After checking in at the hotel and settling in, there will be a welcome event to gather and meet fellow Discovery Expedition explorers.

Day 2

Date : November 13, 2023

Historic Paris

During our first two days we will spend a good portion of the day together. On Day Two, after breakfast, we head out to find our way via the Metro for an orientation of the city and an instructional tour of how to use The Metro.
We will take a Serendipity Walk through the streets of Paris – with lunch in a street café. After lunch you will be free to choose your own itinerary, independently or with a small group. You can choose from the options below or stroll through one of the nearby streets to soak up the local culture.
You are on your own for dinner. At the end of the evening we will gather at a designated meeting spot for our journey back to the hotel.
Notre Dame (included) currently closed
Picasso Museum (included)
Musée des Arts et Métiers (included)
Centre Georges Pompidou (included)
Sainte Chapelle (included)
Musée Carnavalet (free)
Maison Victor Hugo (free)
Nearby streets and markets to visit
Village Saint-Paul
Marché des Enfants Rouges
Rue de Rosiers
Rue Chanoinesse
Place de la Bastille
Place des Vosges

Day 3

Date : November 14, 2023

Classic Paris

Again, on Day Three, we will spend part of the day together as a group. Expanding on what you experienced the day before, we will break up into smaller groups for the morning to visit the Jardins du Trocadéro and La Tour Eiffel. In the afternoon, there will be an Exploration Challenge – allowing you to explore the area independently with purpose. You can choose from the attractions listed below. Our mode of transportation this afternoon will be via boat, along the Seine River.
We will meet with local hosts in the evening at a local pub for dinner and discussions.
Visit the Tour Eiffel – to the TOP (included)
Louvre Museum (included)
Musée d’Orsay (included)
Musée des Arts décoratifs (included)
Musée national de l’Orangerie (included)

Day 4

Date : August 1, 2023


The next two days you will expand your independence, by navigating the city and the Metro on your own. After breakfast you start your solo adventure to a destination of your choice*, we will meet in the early evening before sunset at the top of Montmartre where you can watch the sunset over the city, with a spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower.
Dinner will be on your own. There will be a hosted cocktail hour later in the evening, to share stories of the day’s adventures.

*options will be provided

Day 5

Date : August 2, 2023

Latin Quarter

As we expand our independence, we will venture out of the city today. We will have a quick breakfast and hop on the train to Versailles. You can choose to spend the day leisurely enjoying the palace and the gardens. If you have time left over you can wander thru the shops and sights in Versailles.
In the late afternoon, we will depart as a group on the train to head back to Paris, where you can wander the streets of the Latin Quarter. Again, you are on your own to do some evening window shopping such as; visiting the famous bookstore, Shakespeare and Co. Or you may want to catch a movie at an Art-House Cinema or just pop into a pub to make conversation with locals.

Day 6

Date : November 17, 2023

French Countryside

Day Six is all about taking your own adventure and making your own itinerary. Today you will be invited to enjoy a day-trip outside of Paris to enjoy the French countryside independently or with fellow explorers. You can select from one of the options below to explore. After breakfast you will be on your own to navigate your day. You can choose to spend the whole day in the countryside or enjoy bits of Paris at the beginning or end of your day. There will be no group event in the evening, as folks may be arriving back late. Instead we will have brunch in the morning to swap stories and share photos.

Option 1: Fontainebleau. (included)
Option 2: Château de Chantilly (included)

Day 7

Date : November 18, 2023

Farewell Dinner

This is our last full day in Paris. After our community brunch – sharing stories and photos you will be on your own again for the day. You can plan your day ahead of time or you can use this day to explore areas you have missed or want to visit again. Or op to take a Serendipity Walk for the day.
There will be a Farewell Dinner hosted this evening – you are welcome to invite locals or other travelers you have met during your trip.*

*Invitations will be limited.

    • A small group of women (group max size is 12) to share the beauty of Paris  
    • 7-nights of lodging in a memorable, centrally located hotel
    • 7-day Métro subway and bus transportation pass
    • 6-day Paris City Pass, allowing free and discounted admission throughout the city
    • Transportation from and to the CDG airport in Paris 
    • 12-meals
    • Ground transportation for all group activities 
    • City Orientation & Cultural activities 
    • A tour kit with all your travel resources, planning documents, checklists, detailed itinerary, maps, etc. and a travel gift 
    • 2 one-on-one travel planning sessions 
    • 2-group sessions (with the travel group)
    • Personalized Travel Safety & Emergency Support Plan 
    • Custom travel journal
  • Flights to and from Paris.
  • Selected meals will be “on-your-own”. 
    These will give us an opportunity to explore local recommendations and also give you time to explore the area on your own. 
  • Optional activities as listed on the itinerary.
  • Travel insurance. 
  • Tips to guides, drivers, staff, etc.
  • Souvenirs or anything extra you would like to get.