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Meet Annabelle, “Annie”

This is Annabelle! My son, Drew and I’s latest project.

She currently resides in Tucson, Arizona – where Drew will do his magic. Later we will transport her to Los Angeles, California, where I will get the joy of making her my own, putting in the interior and making a little “home” for future road trips!

I don’t know what prompted him to seek her out. Probably nothing. Drew is truly addicted to the auto section of Craigslist. He will pursue the options without purpose.

I laughed, when he sent me the first pictures of “Annie”. I recall standing the parking garage laboring over another VW, Nancy – and Drew stammering in frustration, “I will NEVER build another Volkswagon!” I laughed then too. He was 19, and I knew then that he had the “Bug”.

He will always have a “project-car” in the garage. He’s just that guy! 🙂 And at 24, he currently has two project cars. This is Marilyn – she now has a friend to keep her company.

I am thrilled about this new project for so many reasons. Annabelle is my dream van. I’ve always wanted a VW Bus – Drew and I even talked about it a couple of years ago and he talked me out of it. I was content to get a different vintage van to spruce up and cruise the country. But one lovely afternoon, Drew texted me and asked if I still wanted him to build me a van. “Of course”, I said. I need an office on wheels so I can be a true vagabond and perpetually travel! I thought he’d found a vintage Ford van – but noooo…he had found a VW Bus, he found Annabelle! Yay!!

Not only do I get my dream van….but I also get the joy of working with Drew. Yes, we live in different states…and of course most of the work will be done by one or the other of us. But it is a joint project — and I miss working on “projects” with Drew. We’ve had some great times building and creating all kinds of things. And he will build MANY VWs in his lifetime. I look forward to meeting them ALL!


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