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Patience is the art of hoping

I feel as though my world has been placed on pause. We are at that stage in the election process where we can only wait. I am typically very calm and patient but today and the next few days are going be very challenging. As we wait to find out our nation’s fate for the next 4-years, I am taking this time to practice patience and tolerance – as this will be the only thing that will get us through.

I had hoped that I could just distract myself with a few projects and keep my mind focused on “other” things. Knowing that watching the election results is only going to be a roller coaster ride of emotions over the next several hours and days. My personal plan is to keep the news turned off (I rarely watch any news broadcasts), keep my browser tabs away from any news outlets and stay off social media for the day, and check back in late tonight or early in the morning to see how things are developing.

I have already done what I can to support the candidates and causes that I am passionate about. I have done my part in sending postcards to remind folks to vote and spent 6-days working the polls. I’ve done what I can. Now we are in “wait-mode”.

I have spent the bigger part of the morning trying to distract myself with other projects and it is turning out to be harder than I expected. I can’t seem to settle my mind to focus on much of anything. Real focus and problem solving may not happen today or tomorrow.

Knowing that I personally cannot change the outcome of the election results (I have already done what I can to influence them), now it is time for the process to play out, for everyone to have their voice. Knowing the results as soon as they are available will not change them, hearing the results in a play-by-play, will also not change them. I have surrendered to the process – to allowing it to play out. I am not saying that I will be happy either way, or that I will sit and be quiet regardless of the outcome. But I do have to WAIT.

I am working today to take my own advice of “crossing that bridge, when I come to it”. Instead of speculating as to how I will feel, I am working to wait for the results before jumping to determine my next steps.

Today is about two things for me, patience and distraction. I will be wrapping up a bunch little projects that don’t require a lot of focus and repeating these three sentences to myself.

  • There is nothing more I can do today to control or influence the outcome.
  • I can decide how to handle the outcome tomorrow (or the next day)
  • I DO NOT need to know the results the minute they are available. (knowing sooner does not help me personally)

Here’s to a peaceful day and that everyone finds hope and happiness.



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