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The first book club of the 2020!

Walking the Amazon, by Ed Stafford
Walking the Amazon, by Ed Stafford – Photo credit: C.Coan

Last night was the one year anniversary of our little book club “Wanderlust Book Club”  A lovely group of like-minded folks who want to explore the world. We meet once a month and share the joy of a single book. We chat about what we loved, about our wanderlust, about what challenges us, and what we want to read next.

This month we read Ed Stafford’s, Walking the Amazon.  A great book about a unbelievable journey.

Ed Stafford spent more than two years to trek along the Amazon River.  He shares his challenges with dehydration, lack of sleep, depression, the swarms of blood sucking insects and being feared and disliked by the locals as he moves from village to village. He questions his purpose, and his choices along the way.

Next month we are reading The Lost Painting by Jonathan Harr.

“Jonathan Harr has taken the story of the lost painting, and woven from it a deeply moving narrative about history, art and taste—and about the greed, envy, covetousness and professional jealousy of people who fall prey to obsession. It is as perfect a work of narrative nonfiction as you could ever hope to read.”—The Economist

If you want to join the discussion, join us on the Wanderlust Book Club on Goodreads.  If you are local to Los Angeles, you can join the in person for a lovely dinner and discussion – check-out our Wanderlust Book Club Meetup group.

Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!

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