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The end is near…

OMG! Is October really over this week? Impossible. Just when you think things are crawling along, you blink and the week, month or year are over. 

I know we all make New Year’s Resolutions, start new diets and exercise routines at the top of the year, but I am feeling like the year is going to just zip on by – so I am going to make a Before the End of 2020 list. 

Let’s end this year with a bang! I want to have a real feeling of accomplishment come December. 
I have already done some big things this year. 

  • Added new coaching clientsStarted a YouTube ChannelStarted a PodcastStarted the StoryLAB/ContentLABMoved to a weekly email distribution Changed up my social media scheduling toolsDeveloped a process for billing (still needs improvement)Updated my LinkedIn profile and added my business page

But I would like a couple more…things like;

  • Publish ebookAnnounce a professional development assessment packagesAnnounce a business process assessment pacakgeStart the Accountability GroupBegin weekly video publicationand so many more! 

I am going to create my Before the End of 2020 list this week and then do the work to plan and schedule out the activities. 

What do you want to finish or start before the end of 2020? 

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