Travel Ninja 102: Prague, Czech Republic


Come with us and fall in love with Prague.  Having escaped the destruction of 20th-century wars, the city is full of history.  You will feel as if you’ve walked into a fairytale, with its bridges, cathedrals, and gold-tipped towers Prague has become one of the most-visited cities in Europe.

Our home-base will be in the heart of the city, making it easy to explore the city’s most historic and famous sites.  We will begin our Discovery Expedition with an introduction of the neighborhoods of Prague and a tour of the public transportation options – to make it easier to navigate the city from day one.

There is no detailed itinerary for the Travel Ninja 102 Discovery Expeditions, as you will create your own itinerary and decide how to spend your days. Ideas for excursions, interesting sites and places to eat will be provided prior to your departure. You can choose to plan out your days before your leave or decide as you go.  There will be a group event or meal each day, these moments are optional, you can choose to participate or skip them – whatever suits your needs for the day.

The Travel Ninja 102 Discovery Expeditions also include 2, one-on-on sessions (45-minutes each) to help you plan your itinerary and your host will be available during the trip to help you navigate the city and to provide advice and guidance on planning your day.

Travel Ninja 102 is “travel with a safety-net”.  Some of the planning will be done for you, such as the flight and lodging, along with ideas for excursions.  But, like traveling alone, you will be able to create your own itinerary and explore the city on your own.  The Travel Ninja 102 Prague Discovery Expedition will give you the confidence to explore – knowing that you have a host to call on for support and a small group of fellow explorers to connect with and share experiences at your own pace.

The program includes;

  • Prague Discovery Expedition
  • One-on-one Coaching sessions

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Travel Ninja 102 – Discover Prague

Prague is full of historic charm, with winding streets, historic bridges and fairy-tale castles.  Its stunning Gothic architecture has earned it the nickname “the City of a Hundred Spires”.  This beautiful city is pedestrian friendly, with its main attractions located within walking distance of one another.  The city easily navigable and incredibly safe.

During our first few days you will get a chance to explore the city and to navigate around.  You can choose your own itinerary each day.  You will have opportunities to visit the famous Prague Castle Complex, with beautiful cathedrals and historic sites – including the legendary St. Vitus Cathedral.  Each day will feature a hosted group meal to allow you to get to know the other travelers and to share stories.  These events will also include opportunities to meet locals and learn more about the area and culture.

Join us!!

You will visit a spectacular city, take in amazing sites and gain the confidence to explore the world independently.

All of the Travel Ninja 102 Expeditions are women-only and limited to 12 participants.  These kinds of trips often create amazing friendships, bonding during a journey of discovery and adventure – with like-minded souls.

May 9 – 16, 2020



Day 1
Arrivals & Welcome Event

Is our travel day with a Welcome Event to meet your fellow explorers and time to rest.

Day 2

A group breakfast will be available and after there will be a walk-thru of the city’s various neighborhoods and a public transportation, making it easier to navigate the city on your own.

Day 3

Breakfast today will be hosted by a few locals – who will join us to share some language skills. They will give us a few helpful tips for engaging with locals and share some Czech slang – making your visits to the local cafés and pubs more interesting.

Day 4

On Day Four, an evening meal will be hosted, with locals. Our topic of conversation with locals will be centered around dining in the Czech Republic. We will have chance to hear about the proper dining etiquette directly from locals and there will a sampling of their local favorites for us to taste.

Day 5

Today’s shared meal will be an early lunch at a local pub. You will have time to sleep in or grab an early breakfast on your own. The early hours in Prague when the streets are quiet, it is peaceful time to see the city in a different light.

Day 6

The group event for today will be a picnic – we will gather along the Vltava for a lovely early evening picnic – full of local favorites.

Day 7

There will be a Farewell Dinner hosted on Day Seven. Encouraging you to interact with others during your stay, you will be asked to invite a local or another traveler you have met during your time in the city. (invitations will be limited)

Day 8

On our last day, we will reserve this time to pack up, pick up last-minute gifts and make our way back to the airport for our journey home.

Trip Preparations, includes;

  • 2, one-on-one sessions (45-min each),
    • Itinerary Planning
    • Travel Safety & Emergency Planning
  • 2-group sessions (with the travel group)
  • All your travel resources, planning documents, checklists, etc.)
  • Personalized Travel Safety Plan & Emergency Support Plan
  • Custom travel journal

8-day Discovery Expedition, includes;

  • Round-trip flight (from LAX)*
  • 7-nights of lodging***
  • 8-meals***
  • Transportation from and to the in-country airport
  • City Orientation & Cultural activities
  • 2 group activities or excursions (see below)

* There is a $200 fee for flights not originating from LAX.

** All attendees will lodge in the same hotel.  All attendees are women. Rooms will be shared.  Each room may contain 2-4 attendees.  Requests to room with a specific traveler cannot be guaranteed.

*** Provided meals may be offered in a local home or a café or pub.  Vegetarian and vegan options can be made available.

Are all the trips women only?

Yes, at this time. We have found that the biggest need is to provide a safe and supportive travel experience for women. We understand that there are men who would also benefit from these types of programs and mixed groups may be planned in the future. If you are interested in a mixed group program, please let us know.

What resources are provided?

In addition to the detailed itinerary (which you will receive 30-days before the trip), you will also receive the following trip resources;

  • A Trip Prep Checklist (passport, visa, health and safety items)
  • Suggested Packing list
  • List of Independent Excursion Suggestions
  • Ideas for how to spend your time alone
  • Local Customs and Tips
  • Simple Phases in the designation Language
  • How to Use Public Transportation in your destination city
  • Map of the city
  • Map of the country
  • Custom Travel Journal
Will it be possible to coordinate with other travelers in the group?

Yes. There will be a group website for each trip, where a profile of each traveler will be listed so you can learn the names of your fellow travelers and reach out to them if they have requested contact from other group members. And at the 2 group sessions scheduled before your trip will give you an opportunity to meet (over the phone) the other women joining your trip. During these sessions, you can ask about coordinating outings or partnering up for portions of your trip.

What is covered in the 6 Pre-Expedition Online Workshops

The following topics will be covered in the Pre-Expedition Online Workshops

  1. Planning, Setting goals and Expectations
  2. Preparing Yourself for the Adventure
  3. Considering the Local Culture and Differences; including the idea of Enjoying Solitude
  4. The Logistics of the Expedition
  5. Readiness: Packing and Prep
  6. Washing Away Doubt & Fear – Getting Excited
When are the Pre-Expedition Online Workshops scheduled?

These workshops can begin 6-month prior to the trip. The earliest they can start is on November 1, 2019, and as late as March 1, 2020. These are done independently, so you can complete these workshops anytime between November 1, 2019 and March 1, 2020.

Do I have to complete Pre-Expedition Online Workshops to attend the trip?

Yes. For the Travel Ninja 101 participants, completing these workshops will give you the tools and information necessary to make your trip a success. If you are having trouble completing the workshops, please reach out to us so we can assist you.

What is covered in the group sessions?

The group sessions are intended to help you get to know your fellow travelers before you start the trip. The first session will be focused on introductions and a review of the schedule. This will be a time to possibility connect with others to coordinate excursions together or invite someone to share lunch with you. During the final session we will do a final review of the schedule – any changes or last -minute updates. There will be time during this session of questions.

When are the one-on-one coaching sessions scheduled?

The first session will be scheduled after November 1, 2019, and before March 1, 2020. The second session will be scheduled after March 1 and 2 weeks prior to your trip.

Are the group activities required on the Travel Ninja 101 Discovery Expeditions?

The group meals are not required but recommended. The group activities on Day Two and Three are required to allow you to get familiar with the city before adventuring on your own. The remaining days groups activities are not required, we just ask that you give us 24-hours-notice for any changes in your attendance. This applies to meals and activities. This allows us to make changes to reservations if necessary and to plan for the appropriate group size.

Are the group activities required on the Travel Ninja 102 Discovery Expeditions?

No. We highly recommend the Welcome Dinner and the Farewell Dinner for all Travel Ninja 102 participants. We also suggest that you join one or two of the group meals to connect with your fellow travelers and share stories and photos.

What will happen during the Welcome Dinner?

This is the first time we will meet as a group. We may travel from the airport in smaller groups – and there maybe some participants that arrive at a different time. It is recommended that everyone attend this first event. There will be a few guidelines provided during dinner along with any last minute updates or changes. Travel Ninja 102 participants are not required to attend this event, but it is highly suggested.

What will happen during the Farewell Dinner?

The Farewell Dinner is intended as an event for us to say goodbye to the city and our new friends. Each traveler is allowed to invite up to 3 locals to this event. As you are going about your trip, you might make a new friend or meet someone you would like to get to know better, this is a great time to invite them to join us as we say goodbye to the city.

Who can I invite to the Farewell Dinner?

To invite someone to the Farewell Dinner you must have a method to contact them; an email or phone number. This is to ensure that we know who is attending and that you’ve connected with them and they are comfortable giving you this information. We will send out the details for this event to them the day before the event.

What is a Serendipity Walk?

A Serendipity Walk is a way of exploring a place. It is a peaceful, observation of your surroundings. It can be done in a group or alone. Through, thoughtful awareness and taking the time to connect with the people, places and space around you, you will find that you can connect with the place and the people in a new way. There will be at least one guided Serendipity Walk on each Travel Ninja 101 Discovery Expedition. For Travel Ninja 102 participants these will be provided as optional activities.

What is an Exploration Challenge?

An Exploration Challenge is a little like a scavenger hunt. The challenge will ask you to look at the area you exploring to see things in a different way. You will be given a number of items to locate, photograph or do during your Exploration Challenge – all in an effort to connect with the people and the place. There will be at least one Exploration Challenge on each Travel Ninja 101 Discovery Expedition. For Travel Ninja 102 participants these will be provided as optional activities.

What is a Discovery Expedition?

The Discovery Expedition is the actual trip. For the Travel Ninja 101 participants, there is a number of pre-trip activities before embarking on the actual trip. And for the Travel Ninja 102 participants, the Discovery Expedition is the main portion of their program.

What is a Travel Safety Plan?

Each traveler will create a Travel Safety Plan before leaving for their Discovery Expedition. This plan will include a number of pre-trip activities, such as; sharing information about your trip and itinerary with family or friends and establishing how often you would like the host to “check-in” on you and when it is appropriate to reach out to your designated contacts. We are all adults, and everyone is welcome to come and go as they please. However, some travelers may be more cautious than others and the Travel Safety Plan is designed to be flexible to meet you individuals needs. Your plan may look like this:

I will attend the group meals unless otherwise stated and I will be back in the hotel before morning (before 6 am). If I am more than 30-minutes late in the morning or for a group meal, please first call my cell phone or text me and again after 1-hour. If you do not get a response, please contact my designated contact and coordinate with them the appropriate next steps – which will include contacting the local authorities.

Or you may want something less.

I may or may not attend group meals and I may not spend every night with the group at the hotel. If I have not been present for more than 2-days in a row (group meals or slept at the hotel), please call or text me. If you receive no response after 3 attempts, please contact my designated contact and coordinate with them the appropriate next steps.
Our goals with the Travel Ninja programs is to ensure that each participant feels that they are getting the support they need without feeling restrained to enjoy your trip as you see fit. We want all our travelers to feel safe and free.



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Final payment deadline: 90 days before your trip departs.

*Deposits are non-refundable.

Trip Facts

  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • May 9 - 16, 2020
  • Min. 4/Max 12
  • Independent Explorer
  • Travel Ninja 102
  • Hotel-Shared Room