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Be an Exploration Warrior

“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in
knowing themselves – in finding themselves.”
– Andre Gide

What is an Exploration Warrior?

An Exploration Warrior is someone who sees their life as an adventure, as a journey to discovery.   An Exploration Warrior looks for opportunities to challenge themselves – to push beyond their comfort zone to self-discovery. 

Exploring and challenging yourself will help you grow as an individual and will teach you about your interests, passions, talents, strengths and weaknesses.  Only when we you are willing to become comfortable with being uncomfortable can change and growth really take place.

Trying new things will energize your life and show you how strong, capable and powerful you really are – boosting your confidence.

What do you really get when you’re willing to step outside of your comfort zone?

  • It will be easier to handle changes and push your boundaries in the future.

By proactively introducing new things into your life, you are preparing yourself to handle the changes that life throws at you in the future.  You make experiencing new things and reacting to the unexpected – normal.  Making it easier to push further into the unknown next time, ultimately expanding your comfort zone.

  • You will spark your creatively and give you a fresh look at the world

Seeking new experiences and learning new skills will inspire and educates you in a way that little else does.  Adding to your current set of information and experiences will allow you to see previous problems in a new way, inspire you to learn more and give new energy to tackle life’s challenges.

There is an overall self-improvement that happens whenever you step outside your comfort zone.  Learning new skills, try new foods, visit a new country and expand your comfort zone and your life.

Want some inspiration on how you can change things up and step outside your comfort zone? 

Get a list of

20 Ways to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone!  



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