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The GREAT Icelandic Sagas

Traveling means learning. I am drawn to the history and culture of a place – travel is more than snapping a few photos and trying a new dish. Travel is an opportunity to connect with the people who share our planet. When we travel to new places, we find similarities and differences. I love to…

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Announcing Iceland In 2023!

I am thrilled to announce that I will be taking another group to visit the magical country of Iceland next summer. I can’t wait to see the puffins, waterfalls and spectacular black beaches. I was asked an insightful question few days ago. A traveler and member of The Travel Collective asked me “what else is…

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Wanderlust Books for the remainder of 2022!

I am a little slow this time in getting the next set of books out there. After reviewing the recommendations of (included 3 of them!), and doing a little research I have the next 6 books selected for the rest of 2022. I always try to include varied destinations when I select our books. Check…

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