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Travel Planning Guru


Do you have a bucket list of places you want to see? Are you thinking about long-term travel? Have no idea where to start? This is the badge for you! Earning this badge you will review it all – budgeting, itinerary, volunteering, insurance, packing, working on the road, getting local, lodging, airfare, and more.


What will I learn?

  • How to develop your list of travel goals for the next year, five or ten years.
  • Understanding your likes and dislikes will help you tailor your future trips.
  • Discuss your travel style.
  • Decide how often you expect to travel. How many trips per year are feasible. Or do you want to plan one epic trip long-term trip, and how long you can sustain traveling?
  • And ways to save and budgeting for your trip. This is the hardest topic to talk about, but we can make your dreams a reality.

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