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The World Awaits: Travel Planning

The World Awaits 2018!  Travel Ninja Workshop

  • Do you have a bucket list of places you want to see?
  • Are you thinking about long-term travel?
  • Have no idea where to start?

This is it. The year you plan to travel more. The New Year’s resolutions are set, you’re feeling super inspired, and . . .

If you’re like me, you have Pinterest boards of places you want to see and experiences you want to add to your “I did that” list.  Join me for a full-day workshop to build a proactive plan to see and do as much as you can in 2018 and beyond.

In this workshop, we will:

  • Develop your list of travel goals for the next year, five or ten years.
  • Identify where you’ve been in the past, and If you’d ever want to return? Understanding your likes and dislikes will help you tailor your future trips.
  • Discuss your travel style.
  • Decide how often you expect to travel. How many trips per year are feasible. Or do you want to plan one epic trip long-term trip, and how long you can sustain traveling?
  • We’ll talk about saving and travel budgeting.  This is the hardest topic to talk about, but we can make your dreams a reality.

I have just returned from 10-months on the road, and I’ll share how I get started with planning my trips.  I’ll talk about some of the major considerations and obstacles of long-term travel and share with you resources for a successful journey.  I’ll share cost saving trips – that will surprisingly enhance your trip and and Define your annual travel budget.  We can discuss how to manage the many transitions that come with lifestyle travel.  Bring your questions and concerns. Let’s talk travel!

By transforming your “I’d like to go there someday” list into a long-range travel life plan, you will have an actionable plan to accomplish all of your travel aspirations.

What the day will look like:

10:00 am          Welcome, and talk about travel dreams and goals

10:30 am          Talk about travel planning tasks, tools and resources

12:00 pm          Lunch and some travel inspired photos

1:30 pm            Dig in and start building your travel plan for 2018

3:00 pm            Wrap-up the day


What is included:

  • You will receive hard copies and electronic copies of the tools and checklists that are discussed and used during the workshop
  • Snacks and beverages to keep us fueled during the day
  • A “World Tour” lunch – we’ll have a variety of items from around the world to sample for lunch (recipes will be included)
  • A Travel Notebook that you can use during the workshop and after to keep you travel plans organized.
  • A long list of resources; websites, mobile apps, travel gadgets and more.

Start 2018, organized and inspired!!

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