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Tour Your Hometown Challenge — #TYHChallenge

What is the Tour Your Hometown Challenge?

My way of giving my summer a little ‘kick-in-the-pants’ – I needed a little motivation to get out and explore – this was my solution.

Want to join me? Complete the following before the end of summer – September 21, 2018.

1)  Take 3 formal tours
Feeling like a tourist, means – to act as a tourist!

2)  Check out 3 hotel lobby bars
This will be fun – let’s get a view of the world from the eyes of a hotel guest.

3)  Visit 3 museums
I love museums, so this is not hard for me – I will likely visit more than 3.

4)  Walk 3 new neighborhoods
There are a number of fairly tourist areas that I often shy away from to avoid the crowds. The challenge here is to venture out into these areas with fresh eyes.

5)  View the city from 3 different heights
I love to see the city from above! I have a few good ideas here – places that I have been meaning to go, but just haven’t made it yet. It happens, this summer!

6)  Meet 3 tourists
Spending time in these tourist-filled areas should make it much easier to meet some folks from out of town. My goal is 3, but I hope to meet more.Spice up your summer and learn something about your hometown – Take the Tour Your Hometown Challenge!

Join the Challenge!

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