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What is the Rebel Tour?

My version of “work-from-anywhere”.  I will be on a 7000-mile journey, over 70 days, to visit over 20 cities across the country.

Touching down in new cities, plugging in my laptop, connecting to my hotspot, and putting on my headphones to work for a few hours before hitting the streets to see the local neighborhoods.


·        Boise, ID

·        Chicago, IL

·        Durham, NC

·        Garrison, NY

·        Houston, TX

·        Indianapolis, IN

·        Los Angeles, CA

·        New Orleans, LO

·        New York, NY

·        Philadelphia, PA

·        Pittsboro, NC

·        Salt Lake City, UT

·        San Francisco, CA

·        Tucson, AZ

·        Virginia Beach, VA

·        Washington D.C. 

·        Zebulon, NC


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