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The Rebel Tour in Numbers

Starting August 11th, I am embarking on a 7000-mile journey, over 70 days, to visit over 20 cities across the country.  Let’s count the miles, days, cities and whatever else I can come up with!

Updated on October 25, 2021

Days of Travel = 75

Miles To Date = 7,820

Via Train

6,658 miles

Via Car

1,162 miles

Cities Visited = 17

Tucson, Arizona
Houston, Texas
New Orleans, Louisiana
Pittsboro, North Carolina
Zebulon, North Carolina
Durham, North Carolina
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Washington D.C
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
New York City, New York
Garrison, New York
Indianapolis, Indiana 
Chicago, Illinois
Salt Lake City, Utah
Boise, Idaho
Oakland, CA
Los Angeles, CA

Friends, Colleagues and Co-workers met = 18

Friends Reconnected = 4

Celeste Collins, North Carolina
Hayes Lindsay, North Carolina
Annie Patton, New York 
Jessica Velasquez (baby Benji), Oakland, CA 

Met IRL for the 1st time = 2

Dea Irby, North Carolina
Jamie Murphy, Pennsylvania   

Alcor Co-workers = 10

Tevin Wallace, Arizona
Karen O’Rahilly, Arizona
Ben Trimmer, Texas
Ben Nuthak, Indiana
Curtis Miller, Indiana 
Gabe Inchauste
Richard Costas
Danny Costas
Pamela Morris
Marvin Villatoro

Family visited or joined along the way = 2

Drew Zemla (son), Arizona
Tate Coan (daughter)  Manhattan



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