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Travel Ninja 101 Programs

Travel Ninja 101

Discover the freedom and independence of traveling alone.

There are many obstacles in the way of traveling, having enough money and time are at the top of the list.  Even with those out of the way, deciding where to go can be difficult.  But the one that seems to hold many people back from embarking on a journey is the question of who will join them.   The Travel Ninja Programs are designed to help you find a new way to look at who accompanies you. Travel Ninja 101 will help you to develop the skills and confidence to embark on your own, for portions of the journey or the entire trip.

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Start your journey towards solo travel.

  • Would travel more if you have someone to join you?
  • Have you traveled alone, but only for work, or with tour groups?
  • Are you uncomfortable in new places and feel anxious and overwhelmed when you are outside comfort zone?
  • Do you have difficulty finding a travel partner?
  • Have you never traveled alone?
  • Do you want to feel confident to take a trip, even a short one on your own?

Travel Ninja 101 will introduce you to the joy and freedom of traveling alone.  The program includes a series of six pre-expedition online workshops and two one-on-one sessions coaching sessions designed to help you develop the skills and confidence that will allow you to independently explore the world. During the weeks that lead up to your Discovery Expedition, you will learn techniques to calm and center yourself as you stretch beyond your comfort zone and build your confidence.  Each Discovery Expedition is set in a classic metropolitan setting to allow you to test the skills you’ve learned and to gauge your comfort level with solo travel in a safe and supported environment.

The program includes;

  • 6, Pre-Expedition Online Workshops
  • One-on-one Coaching sessions
  • Your choice of one of 3 Discovery Expeditions


2021 Spring/Summer Discovery Expedition Schedule

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