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City Confidence Badge

The City Confidence Badge is a collection of activities that will prepare you to enjoy spending time in a new city.  The 21 Suggested Activities cover everything from mastering your observation skills to setting up your travel first aid kit and giving public transportation a try in your local area.

Earn your
City Confidence Badge!

1) Register on the Travel Ninja website or app.
Just let us know that you would like to work on this badge and we’ll send you the badge requirements and other resources to help you earn badges – checklists, videos and workshop that will help you complete the requirements.



2) Review the Suggested Activities.
Take a look at the Suggested Activities.  You may already be proficient in an area; pick Activities that are challenging – that will allow you to grow.  For the City Confidence Badge, you will need to complete
12 of the Suggested Activities to earn the badge.

3) Work on the required activities.
Completing your selected Activities could take days, weeks or months.  Work at your own pace.

4) Share your progress.
Join the Travel Ninja Facebook group or use the #NinjaCityConfidence hashtag on Instagram and share with others how you are doing.

5) Get the Badge.
Once you have completed your requirements, head back to the Travel Ninja website or mobile app and complete the City Confidence Badge Validation.

6) Wear your Badge Proudly!


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