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Even starting helps

I am ready for Friday! I went to bed so incredibility exhausted last night, but I managed to get up at 5:30 am again this morning. It sure helps having my accountability partner (my mom) here with me! She keeps me on my toes! We walked 5-miles again today — but I’ve been a little off my game with work. I have 3 items listed on my index card for the day and I am not really getting them done. 

  • video production
  • accountability article 
  • organize desk

It is already 8:30 pm and I don’t see these things getting done. But I am going to make and effort to touch each task before I sign-off for the day. 

  1. Although when I wrote video production, I meant produce a video or two. Instead, I managed to organize myself; organizing photos and content – but no actual production was done. I am going to get my ducks in a row, so I am ready to start producing first thing in the morning. 
  2. For the accountability article, I am simply too brain dead to start writing at this hour. Instead, I am going to grab my notes and put a quick outline together – again so I can get started on the article in the morning. 
  3. And the organize my desk task…well, that sort of got done. Earlier this week I was having some technical challenges (I have had more than one day of these this week) and I couldn’t figure out why my desk wasn’t moving (I have a adjustable desk, the height adjusts). I had to pull all of the jumbled power cords out from the little cord-hammock under my desk. Well, I didn’t really pull them out, I ripped the damn thing off, shouted a few unpleasant words and watched all the cords tumble to the floor – I did find the culprit and fixed my desk, but the cords remained in a pile under my desk all week. Partly because the anticipated frustration of re-attaching the cord-hammock and partly because it meant I would have to crawl on the floor under my desk. And at my age, (or current fitness level) this is a pain in the ass. Now that you know the whole sorted story, I can tell you that my big accomplishment today was getting under my desk with a power drill/screwdriver to re-apply the little cord-hammock and sort out the myriad of cords before “neatly” shoving them back in. So, although the desk top still has a few unnecessary items my undercarriage is properly organized! Yay me!

Before I continue, I am going to take a break to move the needle on items 1 & 2. Because I have to at least “start” these things before the day is over. 

. . .

Ok, I feel better. Don’t you feel better? You can’t put things on your list and then just ignore it! I mean, you can. But you won’t feel good about it. I’m not feeling super accomplished or like I’ve got it together, but I do feel like I made an effort. And sometimes, that’s as good as it is going to get. 

I am so looking forward to Friday. I am taking my mom on little field trip. We’re going to head to the beach for a picnic breakfast tomorrow. Celebrating our Friday right. 

How are you kick-starting your weekend? 




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