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Lists, lists and more lists

I feel as though my whole schedule is now in this double limbo. As we are just a few days from Thanksgiving and we all know what happens once the holidays are here. Productivity seems to dwindle. I find myself distracted by shiny objects and twinkling lights.

Today I am creating lists. I am determined to get more out of these next few weeks than I have in the past. I am determined to make BIG things happen as the year ends Along with my standard, to do list and shopping list, content topic ideas, I’ve got seven other lists going right now.

  • Things mom and I want to get done (my mom is visiting until the first of the year)
  • Errands, shopping and field trips I need to take
  • Reaching out, a list of people to connect and re-connect with over the next few weeks
  • Business Marketing (new ways to connect with my target market)
  • New products or services to add to my portfolio
  • Recipes I want to try
  • 2021 Books to Read

I LOVE lists! I really believe in the power of lists. Lists of ideas, lists of actions to day, of people to talk to of food to try! I could live my whole life from a series of lists. Actually, I think I DO!

What kind of lists do you have? How are you feeling as the end of the year nears?


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