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October’s Global Door Contest


I am excited to announce our first

Global Door Contest

Global Door Contests open doors and introduce you to new organizations that are creating positive change in the world.

iSanctuary, is an organization that works with survivors of human trafficking.  iSancutary helps women from Mumbai, India and Orange County, California, and has served over 300 young women.  They provide mentoring programs, education, medical and dental care, scholarships, and micro-loans in order to prepare them for the future.

Human trafficking is the transportation and sale of human beings, often for purposes of exploitation. Victims of sex trafficking are most commonly forced, deceived, abducted or sold by their families, transported and then sold into slavery all over the world.  It is estimated that more than 800,000 people are trafficked every year – with 12.3 million people around the world living in slavery.   80% of trafficking victims are women and children.


In September 2014, International Sanctuary launched Purpose, a fashion jewelry brand that empowers survivors through employment and financial stability. Girls and women are able to join healthy workplace communities that empower their transformation from victims to survivors.

Isancutary100% of the proceeds from Purpose jewelry benefit the survivors through iSanctuary. Your purchase provides employment, job training, and the financial stability survivors need in order to properly provide for themselves and their families. Each young woman who graduates from the program at iSanctuary is equipped with the skills and knowledge that she needs to enter the job market with confidence. These survivors are given the opportunity to follow their dreams and achieve goals that once seemed impossible. No longer hopeless, these young women are now empowered and able to live free from poverty and exploitation.


These lovely pieces enable these women to have a safe and healthy environment to live, providing them with employment and skills that will allow them to move forward in their lives.

They are no longer defined by their past abuse as they are now skilled artisans who are building a bright future. iSanctuary provides a safe and loving environment where young women are free to laugh, grow, and be themselves

unitysilver_i3For October’s Global Door Contest, I purchased on Unity Necklace for myself and one to give away.  Follow us or share this article on Facebook, to be entered to win!


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