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September 21, 2020 – Daily

Oh…my… I got a jolt of a wake up this morning. For what will forever be known as the Ear Spider Incident.

I had the joy of getting a spider out of my ear! Talk about hysteria! I have never been so at a loss for what to do and terrified of something so small in my life.

Breathe! It is out! I don’t know if I will recover from this anytime soon, so bear with me as I work to re-focus my energies on the day and week ahead. Breathe…

I was up early this morning and got a quick walk in before the heat set in. I was feeling really good about my productivity. I lost most of that with the Ear Spider Incident. But I WILL get back on track! Right now, I am struggling to focus on the tasks at hand.

When I feel scattered or unfocused, making a list helps me. It gives me a sense of control, and a place to start.

— Trader Joe’s field trip
— Desk move
— October PDF
— Update social media schedule
— Video production
— WALK more
— call my friend C.
— Book club update (travel)
— StoryLAB prep
— FB go-live outline
— Voter postcards

That should give me a place to start the day. This was just a stream of consciousness list. Not any particular order, but I am going to start with the Trader Joe’s field trip, as opposed to the martini that I feel I deserve after the Ear Spider Incident is not appropriate at this hour. Plus I really want to be productive today! The Tj’s visit is a good distraction and a little sunshine might make me breathe easier.

My whole morning was derailed, so I didn’t get my Index card written this morning —  so I am throwing 3 things from the list above to go on my card.

— Desk move
— Video production
— WALK more

Ok, I feel like I can get my day going.  These are the 3-things that I will get done before bed tonight. Hopefully, before that! But now, off to on my TJ’s field trip. After, I will make little lunch and try to DIG into my list a bit more.

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