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The 17 things I learned this week

Today is day 5 of working the polls and I love doing this work, I learn so much. Here are the things I have learned this week.

  1. An anvil is not exclusively for dropping on road runners chasing coyotes. It is used for blacksmiths and fitting horseshoes. Why didn’t I know that? 
  2. A simple sticker can be a badge of honor and pride.
  3. iPads turn back on if you insert the charger.
  4. Reading is still done with books and there is an equal amount of book reading, journaling snd doodling going on, along with the screen time with the younger generation. 
  5. Homeless voters can list their shelter as their address to vote. 
  6. The Starbucks in Grand Park closes at 6 pm.
  7. LA County has 5.4 million registered voters.
  8. I can still make an origami water balloon. A skill I learned in 5th grade.    
  9. This year you can vote at the Music Center, The Wiltern, Union Station, The Hollywood Bowl, Dodger Stadium, The Staples Center and at the Grand Central Market! 
  10. The young and old want to take voter selfies! 
  11. In CA, your doctor can legally destroy your medical records after 10 years. 
  12. You can update your address at polling locations in LA County. 
  13. The Khasi tribes in Northeast India create elaborate root bridges to traverse the area during monsoon season. 
  14. LA City Council members server 4 year terms with a 3 term limit. 
  15. There are 7,334 volunteers and trainees currently in the Peace Corp.
  16. More LA Music Center Poll Workers like pineapple on their pizza, than don’t. 
  17. Using your voter bar code to check in and your Poll Pass to cast your votes, means the whole process can take less than 5 minutes. 

I hope you too have had a happy, productive and educational week!!


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