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Wanderlust Books for the remainder of 2022!

I am a little slow this time in getting the next set of books out there. After reviewing the recommendations of (included 3 of them!), and doing a little research I have the next 6 books selected for the rest of 2022.

I always try to include varied destinations when I select our books. Check out where we are going next.

Here’s the list.


Ways of Escape, by Graham Greene
Jack’s recommendation


See You in the Piazza, by Frances Mayles
Yolanda’s recommendation


Burro Genius, by  Victor Villaseñor
Cindy’s recommendation


Life Lessons From the Amazon, by Pip Stewart


Montparnasse, The Most Beautiful Walk in the World, by John Baxter
Yolanda’s recommendation


An Elephant in My Kitchen, by Françoise  Malby-Anthony,  Katja Willemsen

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