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Catalog of stories

I have been working on my “catalog” my stories. Here is my list of stories I want to share:

  • The time I lost my jacket on the bus
  • The time I drove to Albuquerque
  • The time I packed ice skates in my suitcase
  • The time I sailed into Hurricane Hoe
  • The time my neighbor stole my dog gate
  • The time I ate lunch with Steve Martin
  • The time I zip lined in Costa Rica
  • The time I moved a TV with a skateboard
  • The time I watched a drive-in movie from the hilltop
  • The time I met the Night Stalker
  • The time I saw my first Marilyn Monroe film

Seeing my life in a list like this makes it look like I have had quite an adventurous life. And I guess I have. Along with the list, I am taking a few minutes to write out the story.  Next I need to find the right moment to share it.

Stay tuned folks, these stories may be coming your way soon. I am really enjoying this writing – “down memory lane”.

What are your stories? Do you have a list of adventures to share? Sure you do, we all do.


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