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Doing Better

I am not going to let procrastination sneak up on me today. I’ve got a full plate – but super excited about the momentum that is happening.

I got out of my neighborhood this morning and walked at Venice Beach – It was wonderful to see the palm trees with ocean in the back drop. I need to get out for a “view” more often. There is no reason not to – it gives me energy and makes me feel good. More powerful that 2 cups of coffee!

Today I am focusing on follow-up and connecting. I’ve started a number of new projects. Like writing a weekly email to send to my email list. I am writing 8-Things to Explore this Weekend, and sending it out on Thursday morning. It takes about an hour or so to pull it together and ultimately, I would like to have them mostly done well in advance. But as you saw yesterday, procrastination got the better of me and I was up last night getting this week’s email ready.  I didn’t finish until well after midnight, just in time for it to be scheduled to be sent out this morning at 8:15 am.

I can do better. I will do better.

I have some structure that I can set up to make pulling these emails together faster – so with this follow-up focus, I am following up on this activity with establishing a framework for building these email out going forward. And the content in the email can be used in my social media – so I am expanding my reach by scheduling bits of the content in the email to my social media accounts. More follow-up actions.

And with my connecting focus, I am making more attempts to reach out to others and connect with more people every week and every day. I have a couple of phone calls today, just to chat, just to check in. No agenda. Just trying to build and re-establish relationships. I have confidence this is a good move for me. Regardless of what business it might bring my way, I know that this kind of connecting is energizing and can make me push harder on other areas in my business.

p.s. If you want to connect – please schedule sometime, I would love to chat with you!

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