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Please don’t procrastinate!

I can’t miss the boat today and not get my daily writing out. But I have bitten off more than I can chew lately. I was up at the crack of dawn, trying to get my “ducks in a row” and just as I finished each project, quite honestly just in the nick of time, I was off onto the next.

This writing daily is a priority for me, I know how important it is to STAY the course.

Instead of me sharing my intentions for the day, I can share with you how it went (as it is now 11:42 pm).

Today was super productive, but also a bit stressful. I left too many things to the last minute and indulged in one too many activities that could have been postponed. You know what I am talking about – some good old fashioned procrastinating.

After a full morning of recording, a brief lunch and chat with my daughter, I started back up again – writing and prepping for the Power of the Ask workshop I was leading tonight. Some how at 8 pm I was feeling quite accomplished and gave my mom a ring. We chatted for a few minutes, she listens to all my stories and challenges. I was just settling in to relax, when I realized I had to get my weekly email finished so it could go out in the morning. — Procrastinated that one all week. I could have finished that and put a bow on it on Monday, but NO. So here I am with the final draft just finished in my inbox waiting for me to review it before scheduling it to be sent tomorrow. Oh, procrastination!

Then I had to turn my attention to getting a few words out to you tonight, as I am NOT going to miss a day if I can help it! I will hit PUBLISH on this before 12 midnight! Thanks for hanging in their with me!

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