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Intros, Elevator Pitches and M&Ms

Today was day one, of my two days of driving — why are roadside gas stations so overly stocked with goodies?
Don’t they know I have no will power? (I’ll admit, I bought M&Ms and potato chips!)

Today I’m driving and I’m going to dictate my blog post using a cool little app called SpeechToNotes. Whoo-hoo! after a few minutes of editing, it is ready for your consumption.

On Monday I wrote that I was putting together a new time blocking schedule for my weekly workload, and then yesterday I was prepping for the two days of driving and I fell off the wagon and missed my writing. My apologies to you – I am back on track.

On Tuesday, I was working with a group to develop elevator pitches, or professional introductions. To answer to the question “What do you do?”

As I began to explore the question, I thought what are we really asking. I mean, are we asking for someone to read their business card? Probably not, we are surely looking for more than their title and company name. We are searching for something in common, for something to will allow us to connect with them.

So I started to think about different ways to answer the question. Such as;

  • what a typical day looks like, maybe what you did today,
  • a moment that was special for you, why your work is important to you, or
  • how you got started in the work you do.

All of these answers are way more interesting than the traditional company, job title answer.

How do you answer the question?

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