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Let the planning begin

Working the polls this week has kept me in a thinking bubble for the last serveral days. I am spending a tremendous amount of time reading, re-reading, thinking, list making and the such. And one of the things that keeps surfacing for me, is “why don’t I take more of my own advice?”

I am sure I am not alone in this. We can all easily solve the problems of others, we will work hard to help someone else stay in track and motivated, but we often neglect ourselves. I know this comes from our feeling of worth, our feelings of “we can handle it” and that good feeling we get from helping others. Today’s thought, is that I can do better.

Lately I have been working to “take my own advice”, to take the steps I adivse others to take, to pause and reflect on my own actions more often.

And as this week has me half-way through the planning process on so many things, I am making the committment to take these “half-ass’d” plans to the next level. I am a professional planner, why I can’t create my own plans, I don’t know.

SO…I am going to write out 2 real plans this week and weekend.

  1. A plan for my package services
  2. A plan for my first video course

I am going to ask you to hold me to it. On Monday, ask me where these plans are.

And just to be SMART about it, here is what I mean by “plan”.

The plan = A defined list of services and the deliverables needed. A high-level timeline. A list of action items. A list of resources I need, including people to engage.

When complete I will have a sharable description, actions items and due dates on my calendar communicated with resources.

The plan is not to be completed, and the services finalized, just my “marching orders” in place.

Been talking about these for a long time. They are important to my business.

Time based:
Done by Monday morning. The plan, that is.

I am going to do for myself, what I do for others ALL the time. Let the planning begin!!


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