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September 24, 2020 – Daily

Each morning I check the quote of the day on Twitter, (@quotepage) and this was today’s quote:

“Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.”
– Christopher Reeve

Beautiful, right? I am trying a ton of new things this week and as you would expect, some are going well and some are just going….and others are falling flat. Trying new things is not always a smooth road. It is already Thursday and I’ve not quite accomplished everything I wanted to this week. I know it’s not over yet, but it feels like I’m failing already. I love this quote. This is my goal for today, to focus on hope.

  • I hope more things will go smoothly.
  • I hope the impact of that fall will be minimal.
  • I hope that the weather will be cool today.
  • I hope that I can maintain my energy level until the end of the day!

I was up at 4 am this morning to do a live event that I scheduled last week. It seemed like such a good idea at the time, but at 3:30 when my alarm went off I was regretting it! But I pulled myself out of bed and made it happen. And I am so glad I did! I it is not even 6 am and I’ve already gotten real work accomplished today! Yay me! I’m going to push to do this every Thursday, so be prepared for some early morning posts on Thursdays!

My topic for this morning’s event was, asking. Sound simple right. Just ask for what you need. But I know first hand how hard this is. There are so many reasons why we don’t ask. One of the big ones for me is my fierce need to feel independent. I don’t want to appear weak or needy, so I hold back showing my needs. I struggle to remember that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of self-awareness. Knowing when you need help and having the courage to ask for it, is so important. And sometimes, I just don’t know what to ask. But I know if I put my challenges out there, if I share where I am at, I will get feedback – offers to help, suggestions for improvement, and most importantly support.

I am adding “Asking” to my daily tracker. What help am I asking for today? Who can I reach out to? I want to remember that it is okay to ask for help and that I should be reaching out EVERYDAY. I know being open and asking will invite more goodness into my life. I don’t know what my ask will be today, but something will surface that I need help with — and I’m going to give it attention, and put the “ask” out there in the universe – and see what comes back.

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