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Stop it!

Another one! Again this morning another European city is offering homes for €1 (or $1.20). This time it is a small Italian village in the southern region of Molise, Castropignano — “a village topped by a ruined medieval castle, 140 miles southeast of Rome.” Could it be more romantic?

I am silently shouting “Stop it!” as I scroll through the details shared in the article from CNN this morning. My desire to leave the country and retire in some quaint European village is always there, and sometimes the desire and need is stronger than others. Articles like these are just encouraging my day dreaming of far off places and romances with characters like Roux in the 2000 film, Chocolat. Of course in the film, Vianne moves to a small French village to create her dream of sharing the love and intoxication of chocolate with the world. I am sure Italy would be just as beautiful.

It’s not that I hate my life or need to run away from anything. I love my life. I love where I live, my small Silver Lake apartment in Los Angeles, nestled at the top of a hill over looking the lake. I have a lovely patio just outside my front door where I can eat most of my meals outside in the fresh air and blue California skies. My kids are both self-sufficient and happily living their lives. My mom is visiting now and comes to stay with me often. I enjoy my work and friends. But the fact that I could just do it – makes it so much more tempting. I am no longer tethered to a place because of family or work. I stay here, for me. I like it here. But I could just as easily like it in Castropignano!

Do you ever think about just packing up and running away? I don’t have anything to run away from, but it sounds exciting!

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