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Working from a different view

My work from anywhere challenge that I took up during this Rebel Tour has gotten a variety of reactions. I’m not unfamiliar with the bewildered look I get when I describe my choices in travel. I got many of the same comments I got in 2016 when I took off for a year to travel around the country and the world.

“Must be nice to have the money to travel for so long.”

“I don’t understand, so where are you going?”

I know that my choice to get up and leave my lovely little apartment in Los Angeles to sit in a different chair, in front of my laptop and on the phone for 7-12 hours a day sounds crazy. And okay. I am a little odd, I’ll take that. But I can’t stand the mundane or the routine. I like to stir things up, I like a challenge, I like to explore, to stretch and to discover. So here I sit in Central Park 45-days into my 70-day Rebel tour. I’m on my laptop again, but my view is spectacular.

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I have a few hours before my train takes off up the Hudson River – and I am enjoying the air!

I watch dogs walk by with their owners, kids skip by with their parents, and every once in a while, someone will join me on my bench to have a conversation or eat a sandwich. The ducks float, people chatter, and I hear the traffic and subway behind me. I do love the sounds of the city.

This is why I am here.

Sure, there are parks in Los Angeles, people walk their dogs and kids play. But it is the shake-up of things, the uniqueness of this spot, the fact that I don’t see this view, hear these sounds and feel this air, that gives my mind a fresh take on life. I need the injection of new information, new sights and sounds to spur inspiration and creativity.

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