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Tomorrow is Ts-iuk-shan!!

My son Drew and his best friend Mike, with the fantastic Tucson sunset in the background.


Tomorrow is my first official day of the Rebel Tour.

First stop is Tucson, Arizona.

This stop is primarily focused on spending time with my son, Drew, who will be leaving his home of 6+ years in Tucson in August. He and his wife are relocating to Japan!! Although I am thrilled for them and excited to visit Japan, I also recognize that this move likely means less visits. I couldn’t pass by Tucson without stopping by and getting in one more hug!

I’ve been to Tucson many times, but I never knew the origins of its name. My Google sources tell me that the darker base of Sentinel Peak (when viewed from a distance) was called Ts-iuk-shan by the native Tohono O’odham people, meaning “black base.” Later the Spaniards morphed Ts-iuk-shan into Tucson. Funny how things get their names. There are so many cities, rivers and even streets that were named by the native people.

Drew and I could talk the whole weekend away, and we likely will. But I also have a few other items on the agenda for these four days. In addition to checking off two full days of work for Thursday and Friday, I have two new team members who joined the Alcor team in July, both in Tucson – we are planning a celebratory drink. And I hope to connect with a colleague for lunch on Friday. Which will work nicely a Drew has work commitments on those days too. Drew is an Airman in the Air Force, wrapping up his 9th year. Thankfully, he’s been assigned to the Davis-Monthan Airforce Base in Tucson for the past several years, making frequent visits possible. Another little tidbit of trivia: the Davis-Monthan Airforce Base has the largest aircraft repair shop and storage facility on Earth according to Guinness World Records. It can house 4200 aircraft and 40 aerospace vehicles at one time, with room for 350,000 production tools covering 2600 acres. Quite impressive.

Thrilled that Tucson and Drew is the start of my journey!

Miles To Date = 485
Days of Travel = 1
Cities Visited = 1

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