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Sunday was travel kit day

Sophiahas been “helpful” throughout the process. I will miss her! 


Packing for a long-term trip is always a major effort. And with hiatus in travel this past year most of my travel gear has been spread about and in need of refreshing and replenishing.

I use packing cubes most of the time to keep my gear organized in my bag, and I like to put items in functional groups. This means when I want to change my nail polish or need to wash out a few clothes, all the gear to do that task is in the same bag. I am going to be on-the-move often during this trip, so fully unpacking my gear will not always be possible. Creating a system that allows me to grab the right bag for the task will help keep me sane and my bag organized.  Here is the  list of kits that I put together over the weekend.

First aid Kit Band aids, over-the-counter meds, etc.
Sewing Kit A few essentials to repair anything along the way.
Laundry Kit To wash out any items by hand when laundry facilities are not available.
Toiletries Kit Basics for showers, washing-up, toothbrush, etc.
Makeup Kit A scaled down kit, of the necessities.
Art Kit A few items for sketching and watercolor painting
Mobile office Kit The accessories for my laptop, headphones, hot spot, etc.
Writing Kit A few pens, post-its, glue stick, tape, etc.
Health Kit My vitamins and other items that I use.
Exercise Kit A few items to allow me to do yoga, walk and run if I want on the road.
Manicure Kit The items needed to fix broken nails and change nail polish.
Hair color Kit A sample size of color to refresh my color and a small towel so I don’t have to use anyone else’s towel.
Food prep Kit A set of utensils, spices, cup, etc.
Sanitize Kit Disinfectant wipes, gloves, extra masks, etc.
Accessories Kit Personal items to accessorize my outfits, just a few items to dress up my causal wear.
Nesting Kit I like to have some things that make things feel cozy in unfamiliar locations
Extras Kit This little bag keeps all the extras that don’t really fit in another kit.


I’ve created a page here where I will detail all of the items in each kit, if you want to hear more about them.

As I am down 2+ days or more specifically, 50-hours until the trip, I’m putting the final touches on a few items on my list. Clothes are the next task!

I am reviewing and updating my schedule for the week, now that I know where in the world I will be for the next several days. This Thursday and Friday will be my first official workdays “on-the-road” and in addition to getting in a full day’s work each day, I also plan to connect in person with 3 colleagues that I work with on a weekly basis – one of whom I’ve never met in person! Yay! And do some administrative things; like transfer a car title with my son.

More to come, stay tuned…

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