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Ready to hit the road!!

My big adventure is starting in just a few days! I am frantically cleaning and packing – like you do when you are about to leave home for a few weeks.

On August 11th, I will be headed to the Los Angeles Union Station to start my 7000-mile journey, over 70 days, to visit over 20 cities across the country. This tour is intended to test the boundaries of remote work. I’m planning to work on the train, in my AirBnB, on a park bench, wherever I can find a comfortable place to sit with solid internet access.

Let’s hope that my travel about will not be too disruptive to my work. I expect that with the change in scenery I will have more focus and more energy to power through my work.

Here are the cities I plan to visit along the way.

·        Boise, ID

·        Boston, MA

·        Charlotte, NC

·        Chicago, IL

·        Denver, CO

·        Haverhill, NH

·        Houston, TX


·        Indianapolis, IN

·        Kansas City, KS

·        Los Angeles, CA

·        Manchester, NH

·        Nashville, TN

·        New Orleans, LO

·        New York, NY


·        Philadelphia, PA

·        Raleigh, NC

·        Richmond, VA

·        Salt Lake City, UT

·        San Francisco, CA

·        St. Louis, MO

·        Tucson, AZ


I am eager to connect others and meet new people. If you happen to be in one of these cities and would like to get together for a cup of coffee or take a walk, send me a quick note.




























































































































































































































































































































































































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