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Getting back on track

Getting derailed seems like the story of my life. One minute I am up and moving fast towards my goals fueled by inspiration and energy and the next I am sitting at my desk wondering what I am supposed to be working on — and how I managed to waste away a whole afternoon or maybe two-days.

I think we can all relate to getting off track. We start out strong, with goals and plans – and then life hits us with distractions. Sometimes they are uncontrollable, like election stress, replacing a dead computer or cleaning up a windstorm mess on the patio. And sometimes they are distractions of our own making, like watching one more episode of Good Girls, taking an unnecessary trip to Trader Joe’s, or falling down the Twitter rabbit hole and losing hours of the day. Either way, our plans can easily get derailed.

This morning, I am feeling a little defeated, having fell off track of a number of new endeavors this past week. But I am choosing to forgive myself for my weakness for Trader Joe’s Chicken Cilantro Wontons and Sarah Cooper on Twitter. I will do better. No better day to get back on track than a Wednesday!🙂

I know I used to put off re-starting something until Sunday or Monday. I would find myself derailed and then postpone my re-start for the “start” of the next week. But that is craziness. There is NO need to wait. Start right now.

So that’s what I am doing today. I’m writing my daily posts again (you’re reading it!) I’ve got a weekly email to get out tomorrow and I am going to continue working on my small business assessment that I have been building for the past few days.


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